Non-Oxidation Heat Treatment

Non-Oxidation Heat Treatment

Product Description

The following is non-oxidation heat treatment compared with traditional heat treatment.

Producing one ton wire in traditional heat treatment process:

(1). Oxidation loss: About 0.45% namely USD1.82, counted as USD 405.41 per ton wire.

(2). Acid consumption: USD 2.16

Amount consumption: About USD 3.97

Producing one ton wire in non-oxidation heat treatment

(1)Gas consumption of ammonia decomposition: About 5.33m3, namely USD 0.72( one kg. Liquid ammonia may produce 2.7 m3 mixed gas of nitrogen and hydrogen, the price of one kg. Liquid ammonia is about USD 0.37. )

(2)Electricity: 0.13 unit, USD 0.008(USD 0.068/unit)

Amount consumption: USD 0.73

Conclusion: After the contrast of two terms, non-oxidation heat treatment may reduce cost USD 3.26 for producing one ton wire than traditional heat treatment.

The feature of non-oxidation heat treatment equipment:

[1]. Steel wire non-oxidized after heat treatment, reduce steel wire the oxygen loss about 0.45%.

[2]. The steel wire does't require acid cleaning after heat treatment, reducing the cost of acid consumption about USD 2.16 per ton.

[3]. Do not require acid cleaning, being favorable to environment protection and improved operation condition for workers greatly.

On the base of absorbed overseas advance combustion technology, domestic mature ammonia decomposition and purifying device to develop the technics of non-oxidation heat treatment for steel wire and steel belt, currently it is successfully applied in many factories specialized in stainless steel wire bright heat treatment, non-oxidation heat treatment of aluminum cladding steel wire, non-oxidation heat treatment of steel belt before hot galvanizing, non-oxidation heat treatment of low carbon steel belt before electro galvanizing and non-oxidation heat treatment of oil quenching tempering spring steel wire.

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